Panel of Professionals

Meet the Pros

The Merrill College team will work in collaboration with a group of outstanding journalists who have agreed to share their estimation of the journalistic issues illustrated by CNS First Hundred Days Watch. They are:

KEN AULETTA Annals of Communications writer, The New Yorker, author
CANDY CROWLEY Former CNN correspondent and anchor
E.J.DIONNE Columnist, Washington Post
DAVID FOLKENFLIK NPR Media Correspondent
HOOMAN MAJD Author, journalist
CAROL MARIN Political Editor, NBC Chicago; Director, DePaul University Center for Journalism Integrity & Excellence
LINDA MASON, Former CBS senior vice president for standards
MARK NELSON Former broadcast news executive producer
SOLEDAD O’BRIEN Journalist, CEO Starfish Media
NORMAN ORNSTEIN Resident scholar AEI; Contributing Editor, The Atlantic
TOM ROSENSTEIL Author; Media Critic, American Press Institute
VIVIAN SCHILLER Former executive New York Times, NPR, NBC and Twitter
HOWARD SCHNEIDER Former editor, Newsday and dean of journalism at Stony Brook U.
MADHULIKA SIKKA Former Executive Editor NPR and Mic
MATT STORIN Former Editor, Boston Globe
MARGARET SULLIVAN Media Columnist, Washington Post
JIM TOEDTMAN Former managing editor, NY Newsday
JOHN TWOHEY Former senior editor, Chicago Tribune
ANDREW TYNDALL Publisher, Tyndall Report
LINDA WINSLOW Former executive producer, PBS NewsHour
DAVID ZURAWIK Media Critic, Baltimo>re Sun